Morning Inspiration: "No Limits"

Morning Inspiration:

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There is nothing regular about iconic. There are no rules to standing out. There is no book that will show you the way. It took someone taking a chance to be an icon. It took the creation of the bizarre to become iconic. Life isn't about being safe, it's about pushing the limit. Much like R&D that goes into products, the same goes into life. The safe choice might not always be the right one, it's how we approach the unknown that dictates the result. It took one man to put forks on his #VintageSunglasses to forever change the rules of design. There is no reason to follow, only bravery to lead. If you keep in mind the pioneers were just as nervous as you may be, the easier the subject will become. Never be scared to leap, just have an idea where you are trying to land. Life has no limits, only boundaries we set with fear held within. It's#Wednesday you jumped, look where you fucking landed. An obstacle course is only seen as "obstacles" if YOU perceive them to be! What lies around the corner might be exciting, NOT scary. Without taking a chance you will never know. A life with failure will always be better then a life with unknown.#morninginspiration #vintageframes