Morning Inspiration: "Rich In The Hood"

Morning Inspiration:

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I'm going to start by stating the #HOOD in #Montreal is very far from that of the #USA. What is shared between the two, is the mentality. Poverty shouldn't breed depression, it should breed inspiration. Instead of seeing it as a weight, it should be used as a catalyst. Here is the reality, few #Rich stay rich. Money comes just as fast as money goes. Fathers hand down legacies to their children, and with a silver spoon, they fuck it up. Then reverse the situation, growing up in poverty, nothing to loose, all to gain. There is a different sense of entitlement, there is none! Hunger gets satisfied when you learn to feed yourself, not when someone feeds you. We all control out destiny, we are NOT our parents! Everyone is an individual unless they so choose to act otherwise. Instead of looking at life as impossible, look at it as nothing to loose. If you are at the bottom, there is only one way to go, UP! It's #Thursday forget about the past and start working on the fucking present. If you haven't heard the term "Rich In The Hood", you should look into it. Demographics don't dictate wealth, upbringing doesn't dictate growth. You CAN be whoever you want to be! It isn't your neighborhood that is holding you back, it's only you! #morninginspiration #vintageframes