Morning Inspiration: "The Kid Inside"

Morning Inspiration:

vintage frames


When I was a kid I wanted to be a California Raisin. Later in life I thought Mr. Peanut was the shit! I always dreamed I could fly, so I copped#JeremyScott #sneakers with wings! The most calming place for me was a#barbershop, so I copped a pole. Next to all this "junk" I have a collection of#vintage #toys, most that I couldn't afford in my youth. Across from all these novelties I have a desk. On the desk I have government issued documents, accounting papers, payroll, calculators and newspapers. What does this all mean? It's simple, even if we have grown up, we always have a kid inside of us. People need to lighten the fuck up! You will quickly learn youth strives for age, and age strives for youth. Just because you are an adult with proper responsibilities doesn't mean you need to loose your inner child. As soon as we loose the sense of any youth, we are dead inside. People often look to be inspired, the simplicity is remembering childhood. The spark of knowledge, the excitement of discovery. While some looks at my office as junk, I see it as inspiration. It was the kid inside that got you here, what right do we have to dismiss that feeling. You may be shocked to find the most powerful business people are the biggest kids at heart. It's #monday build your castle and be the fucking king. Growing up doesn't mean loosing your dreams, it means being responsible for your actions. Nobody told you that your actions can't be youthful. Life is one big game, sometimes the best way to play is with the agility of a child. You would be shocked to see that sometimes the greatest business hurdles can be solved with a Mr. Fucking Peanut costume.#morninginspiration #vintageframes