Morning Inspiration: "Don't Dwell, Just Learn"

Morning Inspiration:

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I'm a big collector of #bags. From#mcm to #goyard my travel #style is always on point. From my everyday#luggage to my #vintagesunglassescarriers my baggage is heavy. The running joke is that my actual baggage is so heavy, I can't hold any emotional baggage. Life is about second chances, nobody is perfect. As much as we would want a second chance for ourselves is the same dedication and chance we should provide everyone else. In life you will be tested, people will come, people will go, but with a precious few you hold on. Life is about learning from experiences, not holding onto what may have caused pain. The best of mindsets will take a negative and learn from it. Too many people go through life concentrating on the past. They dwell on what happened instead of simply remembering what was learned from the problem. When we open our personal luggage it should have knowledge, not anger. The quicker we accept people's imperfections, the lighter the journey will become! Concentrate on the#fashion of your baggage, not the weights people have left in it. It's#Friday and I'm #mcm bust down till the fucking #socks. My closet is filled with #designer baggage, I have allowed no room to store hate. My mind remembers what I learned, not necessarily its origin. My will is to travel light, not with the burden of the past. Hate and regret should remain slogans for t-shirts, not the name of the luggage you carry on your journey.#morninginspiration #vintageframes