Morning Inspiration: “Marked With An X"

Morning Inspiration: “Marked With An X

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What starts off with a journey will enviably hit pivotal points. Everything in life is marked with an "X". Successes, failures, markers, all can be documented with an "X". The truth of entrepreneurship is you will become a target. Instantly with a failure you are marked with an "X", equally with a success you are targeted with an "X". Success breeds just as many problems as failures, If you think differently you are very naive. When you fail people may think of you a certain way. Your credibility may be marked with an "X". Entrepreneurs face this everyday, life is a numbers game, stay on your feet and keep moving. Equally with successes you become a targeted "X". From "new found" friends, to people with there hands out, to individuals judging every move you make. What is the happy compromise you may be asking? NOTHING! Life isn't about compromising to what others want, it's about being strong enough to be yourself. Most of the people who "X" you for trying have never tried. Most of the people who "X" you and scrutinize your success have never succeeded themselves. What the word entrepreneur really stands for is strength. It is a commitment made within to withstand the onlookers. It is the ultimate ability to take responsibility for oneself. It is the toughness to go against the grain. Never allow yourself to be labelled. If you are standing on the "X" that marks the spot, make sure you are ready to be a target. It's #monday and here I stand in front of a giant "X" and there ain't a fucking thing we ain't ready for. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! What doesn't go your way makes you harder! What comes with your choices is your problem, never let the opinions of others conform you. The most successful people in life will always be a target, what makes us different is that we are comfortable enough not to care.#morninginspiration #vintageframes