Morning Inspiration: "Climb the Ladder"

Morning Inspiration:

I often get asked how to start a journey to success. The answer, simple, take the first step. Nobody every got anywhere from standing still. Ideas stay as vivid memories until someone decides to take action. I have seen the most viable ideas stay as ideas because the bearer seemed to have been waiting for some starting whistle. The truth is, we are the only ones that are going to blow that whistle. The path starts with a simple step, even though the destination might not be exact. The climb starts with a step, even know the ceiling is uncertain. The road to success is paved with whatever you want it to be. It is for us to pick the most comfortable #sneaker and start to move. People wait their whole lives waiting for "that" moment, very often the moment has already past. If you have been thinking for a while, you are late. The worst thing could happen is you could fail, you will never know until you try. Stop making excuses, life is too short. Nobody cares is you fail, at least you can say you tried. The ladder has always been in front of you, it has been your choice not to start and climb. It's #Wednesday and the most exciting thing in life is the possibility of the fucking unknown. You want to have a guarantee? Buy a bond. You want to feel the thrill of the journey? Start walking. Life is a solo journey even though we choose to walk with other people. If you get lost on the way, you need to be comfortable enough with yourself. Just because you don't see the path, doesn't mean you can't continue walking. Get off your ass, stop wondering how, and start your wheels. The answers you have been looking for have already been answered since day one. #morninginspiration#vintageframes

Morning Inspiration