Morning Inspiration: "Be You"

Morning Inspiration:

Last night @americanjeff took me to Beacher's Madhouse. The concept of insanity was evident, the people that filled the room were there anticipating insanity. As I turned around there was a cover band, in tight shorts, with bullshit attire, doing a 2 Chainz cover. It dawned on me how these misguided dudes weren't just copying his song, they were trying to imitate his reality and actually wanting deep down inside to be like him. The lyrics and movements pouring out of their mouths looked ridiculous, there is only one 2 Chainz. In life there is only one you, and a whole lot of cover bands. People who may want to steal your ideas, use your strategies, even dress like you. As much as it could be annoying, it's only evident if you watch. It's only relevant if you pay attention. It only gets legs if you give it feet. Coat tails are long, and dirt gets stuck to it on your journey. It's only when you pay attention to the dirt that it becomes a stain. It's #thursday and in case you don't know me, I'm about to kick it fucking old school on the world. Have your own ideas. Fight your own battles. Admit your own defeats. This world is full of followers, and only a special bunch of leaders. Tattoos on your arms, #louboutins on your feet might make them look like your favorite rapper. The reality however, they will end up looking just as dumb as a cover band in ridiculous clothes, spitting 2 Chainz lyrics. Take off the costumes, the best thing in life is you.#morninginspiration #vintageframes