From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Do You"

From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro:

An interesting email came to me this morning from a follower disturbed by the amount of people copying his hustle. His email ended with "copying is the highest form of flattery". NO, copying is the highest form of ignorance. This is a notion I deal with every day. Instagram accounts popping up pitching my clients, little businesses sprouting trying to emulate our lifestyle, even people dressing like me. What component are they missing? ME! What component are they missing with your business? YOU! Accomplishment is usually equated to the person that accomplished it. Brand names are just that, brand names. They would not exist without strong man power behind it. Shelled underneath the corporate blanket is a team of individuals hustling their asses of to bring that brand to life. When you remove these hamsters from the interior wheel, all you are left with is a cage. A prime example is a business I had started a while back. People were so convinced they had mastered my craft, I stepped out of it, and parted ways. Where is it today? Absolutely fucking nowhere! What was once a forward moving beast has become a lazy thought of the past. If you are who you are, and you did what you did, then you will continue to be who you be. If you continue to do you, people won't be able to take the lead, they will constantly remain looking at you ahead, stuck in your dust. It's #saturday and if you ain't having fun in your fucking office today your in the wrong profession! Don't be concerned with the bitters. It may be annoying, but the second you address them, YOU have given them legs. Lots of people will bite at your ankles, few will stand up and look at you in the eye. Have confidence in your skills, without them, your businesses is empty. Everyone knows a statue when they see one, and everyone knows a statue ain't seasonal. #morninginspiration #vintageframes