From Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Change"

From Desk Of Dr. Shapiro:

The quest for bettering my life and business began with an idea. An idea is JUST an idea until executed. The idea is a small fraction of the battle, the execution is the real fight. Product development starts at point "A", by the time it arrives at "B" it can look and feel very different. Development is adaptation. You never really know what will happen from start to finish. Too many people aren't open to the idea of change. They get set in their ways and won't let anything change their mind. True gurus are open to ideas, welcoming to change, and in anticipation of movement. To create a butterfly you must start with a caterpillar. The change from point "A" to point "B" is what will depict the beauty of the end result. Holding on to that caterpillar will never allow growth. I am the first to take my ideas and slice them up. Every morning I put on my "Thinking Cap" and away I go. I have many caterpillars, but only some turn to butterflies. I am not discouraged by change, nor am I discouraged by failure. I am not interested in staying in one spot, I am interested in moving. I am not interested in where I am, I am interested in where I need to be. Life is about progression, and ONLY YOU can progress. Stop holding onto caterpillars, without allowing them to become butterflies, they will never fly. It's #monday and this fucking week is about to breed new creatures, don't believe me JUST WATCH! Growth is important. We all start small, we all need to grow. An idea can be paced. Rushing never got anyone somewhere quicker. Chances are the faster you go the more you have missed along the way. Allow your ideas the time to grow and the freedom to blossom. Transformation is key! At the end of day nobody likes a caterpillar, we are all waiting to see that butterfly. #morninginspiration #vintageframes