From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Find Your Grail"

From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro:

I woke up one Saturday morning when I was a kid and heard this #sneaker was released. Being too young to drive, I immediately woke up my grandparents to go on a hunt. #Montreal wasn't shipped this shoe, and I was PISSED. We embarked on a nearby journey to Platsburg where again disappointment set in, my size was sold out. I was furious. It was the first time I was ever truly disappointed. The next week I went to a nearby comic store, and to my surprise, they had the #nike #shoe I had been hunting for, even in my size! To add to the excitement it was signed by my idol, Bo Jackson. The price on the sneaker was insane, there was no way I could convince anyone to buy It for me. The store wouldn't take a deposit or put it on hold. It was that very second I decided that it was time I made my own money. Until you realize that you can't get something you have no reason to try. If things are always handed to you, all you have been given is a weight. There is no accomplishment in getting, only in earning. Every week I would figure out different money making schemes. 4 or 5 weeks later, I had built enough cash to proudly buy the sneaker. I took my grandfather on a Saturday to buy the sneaker! I was so proud, I had finally got the grail, and earned it! As I gave the money to the shop owner, he handed me the shoe, and handed the money back to my grandfather. It turned out he had paid for it the whole time and wanted to teach me a lesson. The greatest gift of all wasn't the sneaker, it was the lesson of self worth. It's #saturday and holding this fucking shoe and being able to purchase as many as I want might seem fucking petty, but it's what started this journey. It is never about the goods, it is about the accomplishment of the purchase. It is never about the end result, it is about the thrill of the fight. My fire was ignited by the simplest of sneakers, find your "grail" and ignite your own fight. #morninginspiration #vintageframes