Vintage Frames Company featured in Bad Boys Ride or Die

Vintage Frames Company featured in Bad Boys Ride or Die

Vintage Frames Company draws inspiration from iconic cultural phenomena, and the "Bad Boys" film franchise of the 1990s holds a special place in our design ethos. Following the adventures of Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, portrayed with charm and wit by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, these movies have become synonymous with high-octane action and memorable camaraderie.

For decades, our collections have reflected the spirit of this franchise, particularly in our Miami Vice style sunglasses. Our designs capture the essence of the series, blending sleek aesthetics with a hint of rebellious flair. And when Will Smith sported the VF Bad Boy at the Miami premiere of the franchise's latest installment in 2020, it was a testament to the enduring influence of "Bad Boys" on fashion and culture.

Now, as the franchise comes to a thrilling conclusion with "Bad Boys Ride or Die," set for a global release on June 7th, 2024, Vintage Frames Company is once again in the spotlight. Partnering with Will Smith's longtime stylist, Fawn Bwe've curated a stunning array of eyewear looks for the film's premieres across the globe. 

Will Smith wearing the VF Boss  to the Riyadh Saudi Arabia premiere.
Will Smith in a monochromatic look paired with VF Sniper as they head from the Middle East to the European leg of the world premiere.
Will Smith wearing VF Narcos and Fear of God suit in Berlin, Germany.
Will Smith wearing VF Eastwood (summer 2024 release) and monochromatic Jill Sanders look in Madrid, Spain.
Will Smith in Mexico City, Mexico wearing VF Cash XL.
Will Smith wearing VF Don to Los Angeles, California Bad Boys Ride or Die movie premiere.

We've been honored to work alongside many films, editorial covers, music videos, award shows and sports events over the past +20 years, but we can confidently say that being part of the Bad Boys franchise history has topped them all. Keep an eye out for Vintage Frames Company sunglasses in the film, in theaters worldwide on Friday June 7th, 2024.

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