Will Smith's Bad Boys for Life Sunglasses

Will Smith's Bad Boys for Life Sunglasses

No matter who we are we all have a bucket list. This right here, is a major bucket list achievement for the Vintage Frames Crew! Unanimously our favourite actor in the office is Will Smith. With most of us growing up on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as well as his many blockbuster hits, Will shaped most of our childhoods. Countless years later, to see Will walking the Bad Boys for Life (Bad Boys 3) premiere in a pair of our Vintage Frames is nothing short of an exciting pillar in our ever growing history! The VF Bad Boys is now available in very limited quantity through our web shop and Montreal store.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Bad Boys for Life Sunglasses

Bad Boys for Life Will Smith Martin Lawrence VF Bad Boys Sunglasses

Will Smith Bad Boys 3 Premier VF Bad Boys Masterpiece Sunglasses

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