The Eyewear Don

Meet the Founder, Creative Director & Chief Eccentric Officer, Corey Shapiro.


Some of the most iconic names in pop-culture all have one thing in common – love of frames. From Elton John in the 70’s, Run DMC in the 80’s, to Pharrell Williams in the 90’s & early 00’s, these legends were known by their frames & they used them to transform into their stage persona. 

Frames instill confidence and act as a barrier between the wearer and the rest of the world. ​In 2008, Corey decided it was time to bring the fun back to the eyewear industry – on his own terms.


One of eyewear’s best kept secret is that most brands are not actually produced in-house, but licensed out to larger conglomerates to manufacture, market, and sell their eyewear. As these brands changed hands over the years, their history in fashion became lost. Corey's background in fashion history, styling some of the biggest names in pop culture, and his experience in streetwear commodity has primed him to become the foremost authority to document these stories to the fashion community.

Disruption Through Transparency

Corey's philosophy is anything but traditional – frames are meant to fit your personality, not your face. They should give you the freedom to express yourself any way you wish to – by day, by week, by period in your life.

Named the "Bad Boy of Optical", Corey has built a name for himself in the industry by authentically showcasing his successes and failures through his social platforms and kicking the door open on the many secrets of the eyewear industry.

from inspiration to creation

Vintage Frames Company pays homage to the past by innovating for the future.

Taking inspiration from the best attributes from his vintage eyewear archive and mixing pop-culture references of today, Shapiro breathes new life into the industry.

Like a reverse Clark Kent, our inspiration in design is to make you feel like Superman (or woman) when putting on a pair of frames.