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Vintage Caviar Sunglasses and Eyewear are some of the most iconic frames ever manufactured. Since 1994, Caviar has been producing overly lavish pairs of frames. With their sophisticated shapes, eye-catching details and glam ornamentation, Caviar is for the eyeglass wearer who never shies from a second glance. Vintage Caviar Sunglasses and Eyewear are crafted to the height of quality. All frames allow wearers to make powerful style statements while capturing the essence of elegance and taste. We have the largest collection of Vintage Caviar Sunglasses and Eyewear in the world. Check it out here at the Vintage Frames Shop!

These Vintage Sunglasses are brand new DEADSTOCK. You will be receiving the exact ones you see in the picture, please make sure you check out the whole frame. Should you have any questions, please contact us for details. We have staff available 24hrs a day to help make your shopping experience as easy as possible!