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Unarguably the most famous designer sunglasses brand, Ray Band offers their clientele a very wide variety of designs that are crafted with the highest quality of materials. One of the many reasons why Ray Ban rose to fame is due to the fact that they invented both the Wayfarer and pilot designs. Different types of iconic figures from all walks of life have chosen to accessorize with vintage Ray Ban eyewear. It\'s no accident that icons from all walks of life like Malcolm X, Denzel Washington, John F. Kennedy, John Lennon and Michael Jackson have all been seen wearing vintage Ray Ban sunglasses. Their universally appealing collection tickles the fancy of all types of vintage eyewear enthusiasts. The Vintage Frames Company has an extensive selection of vintage Ray Ban that will undoubtedly answer your eyewear needs. Come check out our vintage Ray Ban collection at the Vintage Frames shop!

These Vintage Sunglasses are brand new DEADSTOCK. You will be receiving the exact ones you see in the picture, please make sure you check out the whole frame. Should you have any questions, please contact us for details. We have staff available 24hrs a day to help make your shopping experience as easy as possible!