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Persol 2021S 511/31

Notorious for having extraordinary quality lenses, Persol have been a major competitor in the vintage eyewear game. In 1917, Italian photographer Giuseppe Ratti launched Persol with the sole purpose of making technically advanced sunglasses that would respond to the demands of pilots and race drivers. The quality of Persol was such that Italian and Swiss military departments adopted the brand in order to offer their pilots high quality and comfortable sunglasses. The mineral lenses, flexible temples, horn rimmed spectacles and the signature silver arrow are just a few of the various characteristics that made Persol high quality yet attractive and distinguished eyepiece. Vintage Persol eyewear has adorned the faces of many Hollywood titans such as Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson, Julia Roberts and Don Johnson just to name a few. The Vintage Frames Company has one of the best selections of Persol. Check them out at the Vintage Frames shop!

These Vintage Sunglasses are brand new DEADSTOCK. You will be receiving the exact ones you see in the picture, please make sure you check out the whole frame. Should you have any questions, please contact us for details. We have staff available 24hrs a day to help make your shopping experience as easy as possible!

Lens Solid
Color Transparent/Silver
Style Round