The Legendary Style Of Griselda Blanco

Griselda male actor wearing sunglasses on the phone

Shaping The Miami Fashion Culture

The new Netflix limited series Griselda showcases some of our all-time favorite frames. Our XXL can be seen front and center along with many grails from our Vintage Designer Archive.

There was something magical about the Miami fashion scene in the late 1970's and 1980's. A melting pot for different cultures, the world gravitated to the US port in hopes of bettering their future.

The 1980's in Miami brought a different type of fashion to the table. Many different cultures influenced this unique state and the people in it. As the large latin population migrated into the Miami area, their style became synonymous with Miami fashion culture.

Our Miami Best-Seller: VF Blanco

Many of the frames we make at Vintage Frames Company are designed around the people, places, and things that inspired us from 1980's Miami culture.

Woman wearing a black bikini and blue sunglasses on a boat


One of our most collected models, the VF Blanco shows just how much we've been inspired from that era.