Morning Inspiration: "Series Of Experiences"

Morning Inspiration:

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It started off with #sneakers. My grandparents would travel around the world prior to the Internet and buy me geographically exclusive #kicks. The passion turned to an obsession. The obsession bred a store in#Montreal. Design and product wise the #shoe store was ahead of its time. Financially the return was horrible. I sold out of that project and embarked on a new. Many people looked down on the fact that I tried something and failed. Personally, I couldn't of given a shit. While they were talking about my failure I was working on success. Yet another passion was#vintagesunglasses. With the same drive I created Vintage Frames Company. What was laughed at in the beginning was feared as it grew. The same people that told me I'm nuts are the same people seeking employment at my enterprise. When I look back on the financial loss of the #nike store project, it only makes me happy. How else would I have learned? Life is about a series of experiences. What we fail at turns to knowledge. It will forever be the knowledge that gives power. Never be scared to try, never be scared to fail! The only shame in falling is not getting back up! It's#Monday clean your face, you on to the fucking next one! The weight of the world is only on your shoulders if you let it be. If people have time to hate, they ain't really got shit going on. The only right answers are the ones in your heart. If you know it to be true, fuck the rest! Nobody asked them anyways!#morninginspiration #vintageframes