Morning Inspiration: "Always Have A Grip"

Morning Inspiration:

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As I hold the #Versace handle from my new#NotoriousBarberShop it reminds me of my number one rule in life and business: always have a grip! Too many people give up their lives for others to run. Exterior factors roam the halls, they wait for fate, will fate is within. While you are waiting for that promotion, someone is busting their ass to get it. While you sleep, someone is on the pavement grinding it out. While you push it to the next day, someone is already done. Life ain't a spectator sport. It is a game, a game that you are very much playing. Nobody catches a ball automatically in the outfield, you have to run and catch it. The exact same practice happens in business. When you loose handle on your own life, you loose your life. Spinning out of control with nothing to hold onto people start to regress. While everyone is looking for their "miracle" the wise are in practice. It's time to take back your life and get a grip. You ain't never going to open the door with luxury if you can't even get your hands on the knob. It's #friday and while they relax you can be fucking getting ahead. Don't wait, do! Don't sleep, work! Don't just catch, always hold on! This is your life homie, if you ain't going to grip it, who the fuck will. #morninginspiration#vintageframes