Morning Inspiration: "Team Of Pros"

Morning Inspiration:

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The beauty of creativity is that it comes from within. Nobody can dictate right or wrong. Nobody can stop the flow of creation. From pen to pad. From pad to production. From production to fruition. The end result, complete. A creative mind specializes in one thing, business doesn't have to be on that list. Often a misconception is once created, something sells. Very often the truth is it requires the pairing of two minds. The best advice someone ever gave me was to concentrate on what I was good at and find people equally as passionate about separate tasks to complete the circle. For a control freak like myself, it takes an extra amount of trust for me to lighten my workload. The biggest failure of self is not being able to admit what you cannot complete. Instead of rolling half assed, be honest enough to address your weaknesses. Without examining the complete picture we are only seeing one point. An entity is a combination of people's skills pushing forward towards a common goal. Make sure on your path to greatness you know what you have taken on and who you have chosen to take it on with. There is nothing more sad then creativity going to waist because of ego. It's #Tuesday my karate belt is on and my team is ready to fucking fight. A wise man once said be the best at what you are the best at. It takes experience, trials, and tribulations to truly understand its meaning. There is nothing wrong with admitting your weaknesses so long as you are prepared to fix it. Hiding an issue in the ground only allows it strength to grow. Don't stress the little stuff even if it seems big. Find that one person that makes your problems seem like the most insignificant of mosquito bites. A one man show is stand up, a team will always prevail. #morninginspiration #vintageframes