Morning Inspiration: "Individuality"

Morning Inspiration:

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You can put on a leather cap, snap a#montblanc pen on the brim, put on oversized #vintagesunglasses, some#vintage #jewelry, and some #gold in your teeth, BUT still you won't be me. If you take anything from my posts, the most important quality of life is to embrace your individuality. It is always flattering when someone tries to be like you, however it is refreshing when they try to be like themselves! If people haven't told you yet, music videos are directed, rarely are they lived. They are a show! They are entertainment! They are not necessarily every day reality! I see all these kids driving around my city, parents cars, no street sense, but can recite every line to a Pusha song and think they are him. What makes you want to act like him is his individuality, how can you overlook finding your own individuality. There is no chance to succeed if you don't own yourself. The more time you waist trying to be someone else, the less time you actually have to achieve. Everything in life starts with the will to be, but the results should be individual. There is something inside everyone that shines, find that light and turn it on. It's.#Wednesday and this ain't a music video, this is real fucking life. Start living your own lives, use idols as role models, not as costumes. To embrace your individuality is to succeed. People really believe success is in the business world, the truth is, it's been inside you all along.#morninginspiration #vintageframes