Is It Possible To Over Accessorize?

Is It Possible To Over Accessorize?

Here at Vintage Frames we are a bit bias when it comes to accessories. However, we can't help it, since were always surrounded by some of the best pieces the world has to offer. I mean how could you not want to wear a Gucci frame or a Versace chain when it is staring you in the face. The question we want to look at today is if it is possible to over accessorize?

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When we take a look at what is an accessory, it would be anything that compliments your outfit that is not clothing. For example, bracelet, necklace, frames, rings, belts etc. Usually the accessories we choose to wear are picked after our clothing has been put on. Different accessories would probably look better with a street wear type of day and other accessories may look better with that brand new dress you just purchased. When it comes to street wear, really there is no such thing as too much accessories. Dressing up your arm in bracelets or neck in necklaces shows your style is more complex than most people. As long as each new piece you put on adds to your style in a positive way your killing the fashion game. If you are going out for a nice evening in your new dress remember it is important to keep your elegance and beauty. A dress is meant to define your bodies true beauty and you do not want to over shadow it with to many accessories. A gorgeous necklace and bracelet with some elegant earrings will be perfect. The most important thing to remember is to never compromise your own style and uniqueness when conquering this world.

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