Morning Inspiration: "Happiness In Simplicity"

Morning Inspiration:

Morning Inspiration


I like to keep my life the way I travel; light. Life is about essentials. What we need to live, and what we need to survive. When I travel this is what I bring: a white t-shirt, #MCM briefcase,#gold chain, #montblanc pen,#sunglasses, and a passport. Life is an unprepared adventure, all we need to be is prepared for the unprepared. The weight of the world is not on YOUR shoulders unless you put it there. Plenty of people lead a #richand #healthy life without traveling with baggage. Just like discovering a new city, that is the excitement in which we should discover everyday! Never knowing what lies around the corner, never knowing where the roads will lead us. Cookie cutting is for baked goods, not for daily routines. The most ordinary activity can be made extraordinary! The most simple object can be seen with beauty! The most common of things can be turned#veryrare. What happened yesterday stayed there! If it traveled on its because YOU allowed it to. Live everyday like its your last, never compromise your dreams. It's#tuesday and the heaviest thing on you should be your drive, pickup your briefcase it's time for another fucking chapter. You may never want to forget, but you can still let it go. You may need to be reminded, but it does not need to be carried on your adventure. Smiles aren't for the crowd, they are for yourself! The journey is yours, keep your baggage light!#morninginspiration #vintageframes