Morning Inspiration: "Community"

Morning Inspiration:

morning inspiration

Older businessmen and I always have the debate about gentrification. As my personal city gets gentrified in certain hood areas, those communities rebel against the change. The reason being, lack of corporate support. I often hear the statement "what have they done for me lately" being thrown around. The reality is usually, they are right! The first form of respect in business is giving back to your community. The ever growing social platform is in essence what will allow your business to grow. As soon as you stop supporting, they stop to support you. It almost seems like a joke to me when a big business corporate type comes into the hood and instantly gets tagged. The simple prevention method would be showing you cares about the people, not just the dollars. My own business is no different, we are one with our community. We are not above, yet on the same level. We ride with them, they ride with us. It happens to be that we love our supporters, and in return, they help us grow! The second you disconnect from your core is the second you loose control. Be one with your supporters, never forget who got you where you are. It's #monday and as I watch a bunch of corporate types scratch their heads about graffiti, you have to wonder what they fucking think happened. Social isn't just for media, it is the mutual respect amongst businesses and consumers. It is the support of consumers that help you grow, it is the lack of support from consumers that will make you die. Never forget where you came from, or trust me, they will forget you!#morninginspiration #vintageframes