Morning Inspiration: "Labels"

Morning Inspiration:

Everyone gets a label in life. Good or bad, the unfortunate reality is that people get put into categories. Some are over estimated and equally, some are under estimated. Most people know me as Corey Shapiro the CEO of The Vintage Frames Company. Little do they know, I do live a life outside of the company. When I was really young I was labelled a rebel. As I grew older I was labelled dangerous. At my current state I am labelled a maniac. The truth is I am many things to many people. The biggest misconception in life is that people are one thing. They feel once labelled in life that title will be permanent. This same notion is exactly the baggage that prevents growth. If you haven't yet realized it NOBODY CARES WHAT HAPPENED IN HIGH SCHOOL. So many people i know are stuck in this time warp preventing their growth. Bullies go on to clean toilets, and the nerds live a happy life fucking the prom queen. Nobody cares about a failed business, life goes on and so do different endeavors. The honest truth is the only people that can't get passed actions of the past, will be you! I have seen the underdogs climb mountains and build mansions! I have seen the#rich loose it all with the bat of an eye. I have seen the craziest situations turn from great to shit overnight. Your biggest asset in life will be to try to never label someone. I can promise you roads unexpectedly cross paths later on in life. The more you have respected, the more respect that will come your way! It's #Thursday and my #tbt is remembering where I came from, but remembering to live in the fucking future. A guy I used to pick on is busy building my barbershop, without him, it would have collapsed. I am hiring a dude who I hated to do some of my production, without him I would have no clothing line. I am giving speeches at my old high school, without me some would have no hope. The only label we should wear in life is a tag with our name. The rest of the writing under that name, will forever be a blank space changing day to day. #morninginspiration #vintageframes