Morning Inspiration: "Number One"

Morning Inspiration:

Nobody wakes up in the morning hoping to come in last place. Nobody starts the race looking for second place. Nobody starts anything without the hopes of winning. Our world is a 1st place society, it is very rare that people remember who came in second. Nobody cares who came close, everyone remembers who won. The payout of being first is always greater than second. Why in the world would we strive for anything less? Winning requires blood sweat and tears. The road travelled can be shortened, but it is always the steady route to bet on. Everyone has a different hustle, nobody wants to feel inferior. Everyone can lead, they do not have to follow. Everyone can become, even if they need to start from the bottom. Hard work, dedication, and smarts is your key to success. Overnight sensations fall as quick as morning comes. Get your feet on the starting line, and listen for the gun. Do not compromise, do not let yourself be overcome. It's #Monday and as my son is learning to count to ten, I ain't concerned with any number other then number fucking one. Anyone who tells you they are ok with second shouldn't be in the race. We all want first place and to hear otherwise is a crock of shit. Run, jump, sway, and duck. It is your smarts and agility that will overthrow the rest. There is one place on that podium and trust me when I say, it has your fucking name on it. Stand tall, be proud, you are number one. #morninginspiration #vintageframes