Morning Inspiration: "Learn From Your Journey"

Morning Inspiration:

My journey started in #Nike #shoes, my speciality, the hunger to learn. There was many ups and many downs on my walk, each scrape made me wiser, each scuff made me more cautious. My direction was uncertain, my motion was forwards. Many people walked the journey with me, few remained at each turn. People choose their own paths, much like I chose mine. Friends got discouraged, immediate gratification wasn't evident. Roads were long, few had the endurance. At the end of the road what did we find? Confidence. Everyone in life thinks they are an expert, the real experts profess at nothing. Expertise is derived from knowledge, we aren't born with knowledge it is acquired. We all start at the bottom, and move to the top. The only baggage to cary is #mcm, past defeats should be considered knowledge not baggage. As the journey progresses we should never loose faith, the only thing that should change, is our #sneakers. The wisest people know nothing, they listen instead of talk. Pride comes from within, who the fuck cares what anyone else thinks. Pick your #kicks, choose your road, and start to walk. The most interesting thing about the journey is the adventure on the way. It's #Wednesday I have choose my #louboutins for my journey, and I ain't fucking stopping till I wear these #redbottoms out. How does one expect to become without time? How does one expect to grow without distance? What human gets born with experience? Masters of craft have scars, not dainty little fingers. Appreciate every second of your journey, believe me when I tell you, the most advanced masters of craft value the journey more then the outcome. #morninginspiration #vintageframes