Morning Inspiration: "Throne"

Morning Inspiration:

There is a #King in all of us. What dictates a king is not the throne it sits on, for a throne takes many shapes. Whatever a king sits on, will become its throne. I know kings in my neighborhood, their throne is a bench. I know kings in college, their throne is a desk. I know kings of industry, their throne is an office. A king commands their domain. They rule, but how they rule will always differ. The choices they make will ultimately affect themselves, but always take into consideration the people they touch. They are the first line of defense, but the first force of offense. They think with their brain, and act with their heart. They govern their land, whatever that land may be. They are able to make a decision and commit to it, wether the outcome is right or wrong. There presence is felt throughout the land, and they will NOT be overthrown. It's time you realize I am talking about you! Everyone of us is a king! It's time you stop waiting for that stereotypical throne and realize you have been sitting on it all along. It's #friday and from a loft in St-Henri my people have fucking spoken and it's time once again, we storm the battlefield. If you want to wear a crown, you watch too much tv. If you want to wear a cape, life ain't movie. If your waiting to hold a scepter, your fucked up in the game. You are a king. This is your kingdom. You are on your throne. NOW GET OFF YOUR ASS AND RULE YOUR WORLD. Your people await. #morninginspiration #vintageframes