Morning Inspiration: "School"

Morning Inspiration:

In grade school they said I shouldn't, and I did. In high school they said couldn't, and I did. In college they said I wouldn't, and I did. In grade school I drew abstract designs, those designs have become collectible. In high school I would disturb the pecking order, those disturbances turned into leadership. In college I would come up with radical ideas, those ideas became Vintage Frames. The first thing to remember in life is people fear the unknown. Everyone tells you how to do, but how many of them actually did. What someone doesn't understand doesn't mean it's wrong, it just might not be for them. Just because something hasn't been tried, doesn't mean it shouldn't. Being labelled as "alternative" just means they are scared of you. Most trouble makers are the ones that actually have the best shot at life. They are not afraid to revolt, and they will not accept black and white. Trouble in the hallways rarely moves to the business street. Often those who were picked on in high school, are the ones you will need the most later in life. Often the ones with permanent parking in the principals office will be the ones to lead. What you are today is NOT what you will be tomorrow. The choices you make from this point on is the only thing to dictate the future. The only person that can stop you from succeeding, is yourself. It's #tuesday and if you told my teachers I would be motivating a classroom right now, they would probably have a fucking heart attack! There is no such thing as anger, it is just the lack of knowing what to do with your energy. There is no such thing as being stuck, you have two feet, start to move. There is no such thing as being the underdog, all it means is that you have the largest wager. Fuck what they tell you, there is only one voice in your head, and one feeling in your heart. Think with your mind, feel with your heart, and act with your balls. The world ain't ready for you, make them remember you name. #morninginspiation #vintageframes