Morning Inspiration: "Keep Fighting"

Morning Inspiration:

When you enter the business arena, your GUARD'S UP. You are weary of on comers and people trying to take advantage of you. Everything is new, and everyone is suspect. Allies are earned, nothing is given. People will take shots at you, DODGE RIGHT. Always be limber enough on your feet to see the pitch, and react to the hitter. Standing still only results in failure. Keeping on your toes keeps you one step ahead. Even though you DODGED RIGHT, people will still throw punches. DODGING from LEFT to RIGHT will continue forever. It doesn't matter how big and how small. Never let your GUARD DOWN, the second you do, in comes Tyson for the KO. Never push the joystick back, never regress. Even though it moves up and down, the only right way to push is forward. Life is a game of Punch Out, make sure you are always Tyson, not those bitches stuck in his path. It's #monday and yes I hate fucking video games, but I live my life like a joystick. Don't ever be someone's punching bag. Never divulge your strategy, never let someone study your moves. When the time is right, weave left, weave right, and go in for the kill! As long as you constantly change your attack pattern, they will never master your game.#morninginspiration #vintageframes