Featured Jewelry: Celine CE007RG Rose Gold Edition

Featured Jewelry: Celine CE007RG Rose Gold Edition


In recent years, rose gold has become the metal of choice in the world of accessories. From watches to hardware on purses, it’s very rare that you would walk into a store in the mall and not have that pink metallic gleam catch your eye. Unlike most trends though, rose gold is nothing new and has been used in the realm of fashion longer than most can believe. Also known as pink or red gold, this precious metal alloy is a stunning combination of gold and copper; with the higher of the concentration of copper giving a richer and deeper rose tint. Rose gold was the metal of choice in early 19th century Russia, and was so popular that the metal was known as “Russian Gold” and the highest karat version known as “crown gold”.

Here at VFC though, it’s no question that we prefer the classic use of rose gold in place of the way it’s currently being pumped out to the masses at every shopping mall across the globe. We went out of our way in order to search for the finest Vintage rose gold Chains to create “Kissed by a Rose”, an exclusive Vintage Chains collection.

One of the most striking pieces amongst the “Kissed by a Rose” set would have to be our Celine CE007RG chain. Featuring the classic horse and carriage logo of the Parisian design house, it sits upon a intricately etched background that features a linear pattern. The round pendant is finished off with a clean engraving of the designer’s name and home city in their signature font. This piece is a classic that has stood the test of time and will outlast the rose gold fast fashion pieces that that are now available to the general public. This Celine chain can be layered with other gold pieces to be the finishing touch on a simple outfit; or can stand out alone over a black turtleneck for a sleek, sophisticated look.  Get kissed by this rose today and cop this chain here and shop our entire chain collection at