Featured Frame: Playboy 4574 70

Featured Frame: Playboy 4574 70

When discussing Playboy most people’s first thought is not going to be sunglasses, but Playboy became a serious contender in the sunglass world during the 70s.  The Playboy Bunny logo was already known worldwide, and putting them on frames added a little flair to each pair of sunglasses they made. Playboy 4574 70 is a perfect example of the flashy yet stylish frames that Playboy was creating.  The gold frame gives these shades a very nice look which is complimented by the black arms.  To finish off these classy frames is the Playboy Bunny which is located on the temple.  Great wayfarer look with a little Playboy style added to these shades.

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Playboy 4574 70 Sunglasses

640_Vintage Playboy 4574 70 Sunglasses