From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Example" (VIDEO)

From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro:

In my attempt to lead by example I always want to make sure people have the right idea about my business. Yes, everyday seems glorious, but there are many struggles, and we put in lots of work to run this company. I wish life was as simple as to just find something, sell it, and go spend money. Unfortunately, it's not! The amount of detail and care put into every product and activity is insane! The worst thing you can do is lead people to believe you live in a bed of roses. Allowing people to strive for "false hopes" is just as bad as contributing to the demise of society. How can you better people if you hide the worst? How can you educate if you leave out the knowledge? For my company, the process of acquisition to end consumer is long and tedious. There is much dollars and labor added to each activity. What goes along with the name is stamp of quality added to a product we didn't create. I am very honored to be in a position to inspire, but only if people grasp the right inspiration. I am only honored to be a mentor if the education being digested is correct. Bettering society isn't about sheltering it, it's about being brave enough to be honest about the struggle. It's #wednesday and I am fucking excited to show the world some behind the scenes footage of what really makes Vintage Frames tick. Nothing is luxurious if it isn't earned. One will never know "what time it is" when given a fancy watch. It is only when one has earned that watch that they can truly appreciate the hours. Make sure the example you are following is really an example and not just a cover. Our book is a long read, and our cover ain't fancy. I am more concerned with getting the info across, then adding pretty pictures. Peep our new behind the scenes #vintagechains #Video and really get dialed in to what happens in our daily life. Check the video here #morninginspiration #vintageframes