From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Impersonators"

From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro:

He may walk like James Brown, He may talk like James Brown, but he ain't James Brown. There is only one James Brown. He revolutionized a sound and a style. Many have tried to emulate, nobody has been able to duplicate! This is the same analogy one should use for competition. Many will try, YOU will always be. If market share is a pie, and people keep taking slivers, that's cool! What's really important is the person that owns the bakery! As underground becomes overground things become public. There will always be people waiting to capitalize off what you have created. It is something you should prepare for and learn to push to the sides. I see too many people freaking out about the little things forgetting about the big picture! It is, and will always be the picture that counts. Nobody will ever forget their first James Brown concert. That impersonator you saw at the wedding will be forgotten the next day. It's #monday and I feel fucking GOOD to start this week and take over the world. Feel sad for impersonators. If they have to wear someone else on the outside, imagine what is going on in the inside. Be proud of that pie you created and fuck all the rest of the bullshit. If it is really your bakery, toss that pie back in and cook the shit out of the people trying to eat your slices. #morninginspiration #vintageframes