From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Blossom"

From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro:

I was blessed with a family that had their own dreams. Simply, that means, they wished nothing specific on me, except the best. I grew up with people who were "destined" to fall into a career or someone's shoes. I can't wear a used t-shirt, let alone someone's shoes. The notion of pre-determined paths in life was always awkward to me. How can you expect someone to blossom if they know what there parameters will be? Sometimes the most satisfying part of life is your dreams. Wether they can be brought to reality or not is one thing, but the notion of possibility is everything. If you don't follow your dreams, there is nothing to live for! When my son understands everything I am saying to him, he will be told that VFC is NOT his future! It is NOT something to feel entitled to, nor is it something he can fall back on. VFC was my dream, I am sure he has his own. As a father, I will be there to encourage his, and guide him every step of the way to make it possible. The most valuable thing we can offer youth is a platform and room to grow. Confining them to our dreams will ultimately create resentment and problems. I had to get my face dirty, why shouldn't he? The best part of our position was the struggle. The agility to maneuver cannot be passed down, it can only be allowed to happen. Enforcing our reality would have NEVER flown with us, why can we expect to with them! It's #sunday and I am so proud of the fucking fire and possibilities I see in my son's eyes. It is brutal to hear, but it is not our children's business to play out our missed opportunities or dreams! All we want is the best for them, not what is the best for us. Wether we are parents, mentors, or role models the only thing we can do is guide. Nobody ever learned from following, they learned from doing. Before we enforce a notion on the youth, think back to when that was being enforced on us. Allow the youth the chance to blossom. There may be bumpy patches on the way, but I guarantee you most will reach for the sky. Dreams are what makes us strive for reality. Make sure the reality is there's, not your own. #morninginspiration #vintageframes