"The Thinking Cap" Drops Today At 1pm (Eastern Time)

The Vintage Frames Company presents The Thinking Cap. Part of our #morninginspiration project, The Vintage Frames Company has taken a stance to break down the walls of "social norms". They believe that everyone in life has a voice, everyone can start a movement, and everyone can succeed. All you need to do is put on your Thinking Cap and go! The Thinking Cap was derived by an old saying in grade school when teachers would tell Vintage Frames Company owner, Corey Shapiro to "put on his thinking cap". A notion that stuck with him throughout his life, along with The Vintage Frames Company he wanted to bring this idea to fruition. The Thinking Cap represents possibility and drive, reminding the wearers that anything is possible when you put your mind too it. Vintage Frames Company will be dropping is anticipated first release of The Thinking Cap February 27th 2013 on their website The release will be limited to 150 units worldwide.