From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Key"

From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro:

The most important object in life are keys. This small metal object is the starting point to many adventures and opportunities. It sparks excitement in the unknown, and ignites movement. It allows doors to be open, and engines to be started. People always ask me what the "key" to #vintage #frames #company is? Well, the key is never being confined to "key holes". A wise man once told me that a "key" was actually societies downfall. It is what confined us to structure, and kept us inside the box. If a "key" doesn't fit, you couldn't unlock a door. If a "key" wouldn't turn, you couldn't start your drive. Society uses this "key" mentality as an excuse to turn around, instead of an excuse to try something a different way. The right way to treat life is as a lock smith. Everyone should have the agility to examine a key hole and find a way around entry. If doors can't be unlocked break them down. If cars can't be started, bypass the ignition. The only excuse for being held back is because YOU are allowing yourself to be held back. Instead of waiting for the perfect fit to start your journey, create your own. Everyone can enter with a "key", how many of us can say we broke the down the door. It's #tuesday and there are some "keys" I just don't have for my journey today, so I'm about to kick some fucking doors down. People find to many excuse to stop. People find to many reasons to fail. Progression is about not letting anything get in your way! If you have been waiting for someone to unlock that door, someone else has already found a way to open it. The only real "key" to life is not letting that "perfect" fit stand in your way. #morninginspiration #vintageframes