From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Uniform"

From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro:

The idea of uniforms going hand in hand with authority always bothered me. A police officer told me about the power she felt when s he put on her uniform. I almost got arrested when I told her she could buy the same thing at a fetish store. A bouncer once told me I should respect his direction because I could clearly see what his shirt said. I almost got malled when I told him they sold the same shirt at Walmart. Authority doesn't come with a uniform, it comes with earned respect. There are no clothing sections at the local department store to buy "authority", so why is it that people seem to want to pair the two together? During a feud with a teacher in High School the teacher told me it was what was under the clothes that made the person. She seemed to of been shocked when I asked her to validate that and show me what was under her clothes. Yes I am a little bit more confrontational then the average dude, but it's not out of arrogance. It takes a lot to earn my respect, and I only want to reward it to those who deserve it. Too many people get power trips in their "uniforms", too many people let that shit slide. Too many people take things at face value because of a "uniform", too many of us loose our freedom because of that. Anyone can play dress up, few can stand their naked and command respect. It's #sunday and those power tripping fucking uniforms just had a run in with the dangerous mind of vintage frames. Hard work, dedication, and kindness is what gets my respect. Egotistical, controlling, power tripping people are who I cut at the knees. Too many of us are intimidated by a uniform. It is just clothes, not the final say in life. Be brave enough to see through the uniform, you will very often find underneath, there is a sad person not even comfortable in their own skin. #morninginspiration #vintageframes