From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is"

From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro:

There is always a healthy balance that needs to be kept between public and private. As an elite business dealing with rare and elite clientele, this was always a hurdle of mine to overcome. You can't stay too hidden that people can't find out about you, but you still want to be private enough to satisfy your clientele. Every industry has a lot of chatter. Hear say is just talk, and actions are reality. You can say anything you want, but are you strong enough to do what you want? You can talk your way into a situation, but can you prevail with respect? One of the first arrogant confrontations I had with my business started with an artist telling me to put my money where my mouth was. After I came through, I told him to sign where the doted line was. Everyone wants to do, but everyone just can't. The sad thing in this world is people's sense of entitlement. Everyone feels they are owed something, NOBODY is owed anything! As soon as someone comes up with a good idea you have a million followers trying to ride your tail. The truth is, there is only so long someone can ride on your tail before they can't anticipate the next turn. There is only so long until reality sets in, and actions speak louder then words. There is only so long that someone can exist without putting their money where their mouth is. It's #sunday and if you ain't willing to lay it all on the fucking line, then right there, your actions spoke louder then your words. Too many people aspire, not enough folks get of their fucking ass to be! While you are waiting to be served, there are people out there serving themselves. In a world full of hate and copycats, it is only a matter of time until people are put into check. Your happy medium should always be truth! When it comes time for you to put your money where your mouth is, if you a real ass dude, you will have zero hesitation. #morninginspiration #vintageframes