From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Embrace Your True Colors"

From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro:

Where I grew up #kids went to school looking like a brainless army. Even without uniforms everyone purchased the same shit. I remember the original #nike#airjordan 4 #sneaker launch. Almost immediately the next day every kid at my school had a pair. What was intended as being unique, was so watered down it looked like a bad comedy routine. I remember walking into school with this exact pair of #LaGear #shoes and being laughed at. I almost got into fights because of my individuality. The same thing happened when I started using an #MCM bag as a knapsack. Kids made fun of my supposed "bootleg" #louisvuitton bag. Here's how this really plays out: 20 years past, those kids turn into boring adults. They have boring jobs, and boring lives. The only thing exciting is their memories of the past. #LadyGaga comes to town for a concert, and out of the blue, those same kids are calling for "freebie" #concert tickets. Those same people who made fun of my individuality are trying to attend an event about individuality. They will do anything to escape their boring lives. The point is life is not about being accepted, it's about accepting yourself. High school passes, and so do these supposed "norms". Life is a lot more exciting in color, it is really sad in black and white. It's#saturday and yes there are concerts in #montreal this week and it's about to be a fucking comedy act as people from my "past" try their hardest to become my present. Ignorance is bliss for a moment. Bliss ignores ignorance forever. Embrace your true colors. Embrace your true faults. People who strive for perfection have missed the fucking point. Hand them an #Lv bag and a pair of retro #jordans and send them on their merry fucking way. #morninginspiration#vintageframes