From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "All You Leeches, Beware"

From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro:

My father is a rather accomplished businessman. He created a business that he knew nothing about and became a leader in his industry. You know what that entitles me too? NOTHING! Twenty years later, here comes his son, hungry and aggressive out the gate! Very Eager to take over the world, ready to take on anything that would stand in my way, I entered the business arena. The first supplier I ever tried to purchase from asked me who my father was. My reply, "it doesn't matter unless you plan on sending him the bill". The easy way out in life would have been to associate myself too someone else's reputation. The hard part, was creating my own. People live in shadows because they are scared too see the light. Lots of people I know bank on other people's success. They have planned their life as a "leech" and hope to associate themselves with someone or something that is relevant. There are two sad notions associated with this type of living. Either that person believes he is entitled, or even worse, that he could never accomplish more then the "host". Always be suspicious of the people that constantly need a "counter part" to associate through life. Always be worried about the danger of someone who can go see a movie alone. While the "leech" is looking for comfort in someone to sit with them, the "host" has already left the theatre. It's #wednesday and I'm at the super market buying a fucking ton of salt, so all you "leeches", BEWARE. It may be time to evaluate your "tag alongs" in life. It might have been fun to have someone to be your crutch, but the brutal reality is, if you need a crutch, there is something very wrong! A "leech" sucks your blood, most of the time with no pain to the "host". Before they eat too much, you better realize what you have been feeding! The strong can stand alone, the weak can be scared away with a simple grain of salt. #morninginspiration#vintageframes