From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Little People"

From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro:

The key to #business is relationships. Mutual trusts created amongst individuals forming bonds over progression. People often make the mistake to kiss the#boss 's ass at a company, when in reality it is the relations with the rest of the crew that is most important. Very often people focus their relationships on upper management only. I learnt VERY early on if I followed this philosophy I would never have a competitive edge. In essence, it is the people at the ground level that might be your greatest asset. Their sense of being "under appreciated" at times MIGHT just make them more willing to help you. It is very sad to see people overlook the "cavalry" and focus on the general. Leaders would have NOTHING to lead without a team behind them. Some of the most monumental business situations I have gotten myself into have come from having a respect for the army, just as much as the general. That dude busting his ass for minimum wage in the mail room might be your key to reaching someone in a position you thought was un-attainable to reach. It's #Thursday and if you think you are too good for the fucking "little people", you have already lost! The big homie I am eating across from at breakfast and I met ten years ago when he was a box boy. His jeans were ripped, shoes were scuffed, and was working hard scrambling to pay rent. Nowadays, he is rocking #louboutin #sneakers#rolex #watch, and a cashmere jacket living in one of the most desirable penthouses in #montreal. He is now the head of marketing at the same advertising firm he boxed at. Our relationship, and my willingness to treat individuals as "people" just landed me a bananas marketing contract. Never count out the little guy! You never know where that eager dude in the shipping department will end up. #morninginspiration#vintageframes