Corey Shapiro Of Vintage Frames Co. Picks The Most Iconic Eyewear of 2013

Corey Shapiro Of Vintage Frames Co. Picks The Most Iconic Eyewear of 2013

Every accessory has it’s don, the public face of it’s devoted collector/consumer community: jewelry has Ben Baller, watches have Ben Clymer, and vintage shades, well, vintages shades have Corey Shapiro and his Vintage Frames Company.

No one else has spent 2013 spreading the eyewear gospel like Corey Shapiro and you could spend half-a-day listing off his celebrity clientele and collaboration partners. But instead of doing that, take a look at Corey’s picks for the Top 10 iconic frames that made 2013 the year of the Sunglasses.

1. Céline Gold Chain

Corey Shapiro

Rick Ross and‘s apparent go-to pair of frame, the Celine Gold Chain sunglasses are a power-move on their own, but even more powerful a move when you pair them with a matching Celine gold cuban link chain around you neck.

2. Cazal 616

Cazal 616


Spike LeeMeek MillDiddyRick Ross again, the list of fans goes on, Cazal is a classic.

3. Ultra Goliath II

Corey Shapiro

Robert De Niro wore them in Casino? That’s all you had to say.

4. Oliver Peoples Daddy B

Oliver Peoples Daddy B

Kanye used to wear them, they’re slim, elegant, and understated… so, completely unlike him.

5. MYKITA Daisuke

Corey Shapiro

If you’re not afraid to look like you’re wearing a motorcycle visor on your face sans-helmet, these are for you.

6. Dita Grandmaster 2

Dita Grandmaster 2

They’re like a Transformer for your face.

7. Emmanuelle Khanh GP 1000

Corey Shapiro

Emmanuelle Khanh‘s bold gold frames have found their way onto 2 ChainzWiz Khalifa, even Lady Gaga‘s faces.

8. Ray Ban Wayfarer Classic

Ray Ban Wayfarer Classic

JFK wore them as president? That’s all you had to say.

9. Persol 649

Corey Shapiro

Persol will forever be linked with the daredevil actor Steve McQueen, but dudes like Jay Z and Ryan Gosling are bringing them back.

10. John Paul Gaultier 6106

John Paul Gaultier 6106

A$AP RockyBig Sean, and 2 Chainz brought the extra-wrought gold frames back in 2013. Perfect for the accessorizer.