Vintage Frames x RUN DMC XXL Sunglasses

Vintage Frames x RUN DMC XXL Sunglasses

As a historian of vintage fashion, founder Corey Shapiro has been a long-time collector of all things fashion and music-related. One of the largest inspirations in Vintage Frames Company history is Corey’s love for Run-DMC. Not only was Vintage Frames Company inspired by Run-DMC's music, but its goal has always been to preserve its fashion heritage.

Beyond the music, Run Dmc changed the way that we all looked at fashion. Prior to DMC, very few people embraced their eyewear as a form of fashion. Today, as we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Run-DMC, Corey Shapiro & DMC ( Darryl McDaniels) collaborate to bring DMC’s iconic frame to life. The XXL sunglasses are now available in a limited run of 100 frames only on

 Run-DMC x Vintage Frames XXL Sunglasses



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