Collection: Cartier

Cartier is a conglomerate company, founded in Paris originally but now is a subsidiary in Switzerland. They design, manufacture, and distribute French luxury goods worldwide. Their eyewear collection encompasses many vintage styles that are timeless, original and elegant. Their Panthère de Cartier collection features the vintage cat’s eye shape and tortoise shell designs. They're also famous for using wood in their eyewear designs, such as the Bagatelle or Giverny. Cartier prides themselves on quality merchandise and excellent customer service. Their mission is to help and empower women worldwide living in vulnerable and impoverished conditions. The services provided by the Cartier business are unparalleled in this type of business. You can be confident and assured that any item you purchase will be of the finest quality and you will be treated with the utmost courtesy to elevate your shopping experience. ALL CARTIER SALES ARE MADE DIRECTLY THROUGH OUR PRIVATE CLIENT TEAM. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR SPECIFIC REQUESTS, PLEASE REACH OUT TO INFO@VINTAGEFRAMES.COM.

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