Flavor Flav Rocks Timeless Watch Inspired Sunglasses in New Rolling Stone Interview

Flavor Flav Rocks Timeless Watch Inspired Sunglasses in New Rolling Stone Interview

The iconic Flavor Flav, known for his larger-than-life persona and significant contributions to hip-hop as a member of Public Enemy, has once again captured the spotlight. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Flavor Flav not only shared intriguing insights into his music career and new passion for water polo but also sported the VF Timeless sunglasses by Vintage Frames Company. This stylish appearance is creating waves in both the music and fashion worlds.

The VF Timeless Sunglasses: A Classic Reimagined

Flavor Flav's choice to wear the VF Timeless sunglasses during his Rolling Stone interview is a testament to the enduring appeal of this design. These sunglasses blend vintage aesthetics with modern flair, embodying the essence of the 1990s hip-hop style that Flavor Flav himself helped popularize. The VF Timeless sunglasses feature:

  • Premium Craftsmanship: Handmade with the finest materials, ensuring durability and comfort.
  • Iconic Design: A nod to the 90s hip-hop era, perfect for those who appreciate timeless fashion. These frames are inspired by cult favorite watches and timepieces. 
  • UV Protection: High-quality lenses that provide superior protection against harmful UV rays with UV400 lenses.

A Word from Flavor Flav

In the Rolling Stone interview, Flavor Flav discussed his new ventures and enduring love for hip-hop. But it was his stylish look, accentuated by the VF Timeless sunglasses, that caught the eye of many fashion enthusiasts. "These shades are not just about looking cool; they are about making a statement," said Flavor Flav. "Vintage Frames Company has nailed the perfect blend of retro and modern."

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For more details and to read the full Rolling Stone interview with Flavor Flav, visit Rolling Stone.

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