Boxing Day December 26th - 50% OFF 24 HOURS ONLY!

Boxing Day December 26th - 50% OFF 24 HOURS ONLY!

Merry Xmas from the Vintage Frames Family! As our way of saying thanks, we will be doing a 24H BOXING DAY SALE. Our Archive collection of vintage sunglasses will be 50% OFF, including The VF Masterpiece collection; online as of 12am (EST) & in-store as of 11am (EST) December 26th! Use PROMO CODE BOXING50 at checkout.

Sale DOES NOT APPLY to VF by Vintage Frames products or lenses. We will be adding new frames every couple of hours to both our in-store and online selection for VF by Vintage Frames! You will be able to buy 3 pairs of VF by Vintage Frames for $249.99.


Happy Holidays,
Vintage Frames Company

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