Morning Inspiration: Save Your Soul


I just sat through a conversation, a painful conversation at that with someone talking about #louboutins. The basis of the discussion was the relentlessness and the lengths that he would go to get red "soles". What seemed ironic to me is that to get "soles" he would give up with "soul". People are governed by one thing, their word! No money can buy reputation, no cheque can cash knowledge. All roads in life are chosen within. To compromise your integrity is to lose your soul. People often mix up status with respect. Some of the shadier dudes I know are the richest dudes. Without a soul all they have are "soles". It is ultimately your life and your choices, but I would rather walk through life with no soles, then compromise my soul. It's #Wednesday and the red on my bottoms wasn't acquired putting red on my fucking soul. Do unto others what you want done to yourself; karma is a bigger bitch than your ex girlfriend! Be proud, stand high, live free! To compromise your soul is to spend life walking with no shoes. #morninginspiration #vintageframes