Morning Inspiration: On Sight


It's not enough to see forward, it becomes to optimistic. It is too dangerous to walk backward, it rarely allows for optimal progression. The world is in 360 degrees, so must be our sight. Just when you think you see the big picture, you will have ignored the details. Just when you think it's safe to look forward, you will be hit from behind. Just when you think it's safe to close your eyes, you will quickly learn you should have kept them open. Business isn't about what you see, it's about what you are able to see. Being able to forecast, being able to predict, being able to feel, these are the thing a that set some apart. Much like #vintagesunglasses with 80 lenses we put see around us. Always be prepared for the unexpected, always look both ways. Being blind is being ignorant, Being ignorant is being blind. Don't look both ways before you jump, look all ways! We all have the chance to see it all, only YOU choose what you see. It's #Monday and I got fucking eyes everywhere. Beware of the truth, separate what is really real. Choosing not to see, is choosing ignorance. Always know the world around you, you are not two dimensional. The key to success is living in 3d. #morninginspiration#vintageframes