Morning Inspiration: Family


Life is a family affair, family doesn't need to be bonded by blood. Living with only child syndrome, my friends are closer then siblings. The difference between these bonds is that they are chosen, not forced. Crew love is big in Hiphop, it is however not biased to a genre of music. At my table, everyone eats lobster, nobody gets the scraps. My family comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and geographical markings. We don't share the same last name , but everyone knows our bond. Wether we are in #Paris, #Montrel, or even #NewYork we are a family. Everyone plays a role, we help move and progress together. We storm the world in numbers, but we group together as one. Fuck with the crew, and your time will be now! Connections are the most important thing in life. You never know who, what, when, or where life leads. Maintaining strong bonds roots for strong growth. Choose your family wisely, and always have a strong tree. It's#Sunday and my "diplomatically immune" fucking ass threw down Parisian style last night with@kyusteed and the crew. A tree starts with roots, It takes years to mature. Every branch has a story, they all help each other reach to the top. Even when it looses it's leafs, the branches are there to keep each other company. Seasons come, and seasons go, but with a precious few you will hold on. Here is the tree, meet my branches. #morninginspiration#vintageframes